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Christmas treeChristmas tree planting stock grown from seed that has been harvested from the genetically superior trees present in our seed orchard

Pauline's Wreath Room provides our customers with a large array of wreath and gift products

Live, dug trees up to 8 feet tall are now available. Please call or e-mail for pricing

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Weir Tree Farms
679 E. Colebrook Road
Colebrook, NH 03576

Weir Tree Farms has been a family owned and operated Christmas tree farm since 1945. Our farm is a wholesale, retail, Treemail order, and choose and cut operation offering Fraser, Balsam, Fralsam and Korean Firs. The Fralsam Fir is a hybrid cross between the Fraser and Balsam and was developed on our tree farm.

The Weir Family

Please call 1-800-962-7911 toll free for more information or visit our farm in scenic Colebrook, New Hampshire.